Well Drill Bits Service and Supply

Coastal Bit Services provides drill bits for the Oil and Water Drilling rigs in America.

Fixed Cutter, Scratcher Bits, Drag Bits, Chevron Bits, PDC Bits, TriCone Bits, you name it we can get it for you when you need it!

We provide Drill bits for:

  • Gas Wells
  • Oil Wells
  • Water Wells
  • Mining
  • Environmental
  • Geothermal
  • Blast Holes
  • Construction
  • Exploration

We are committed to design excellence and product superiority when dealing with drill bit technology.  We are constantly developing new bit concepts and improving our existing products.   Our primary objective is to provide products that deliver efficient and reliable drilling solutions to you, our customer.

We carry a complete line of different types and sizes in:

  • New and Surplus Well Bits
  • tungsten carbide insert bits
  • milled tooth bits
  • PDC bits
  • Rerun and Retip Bits
  • Hammer Bits
  • Blade Bits
  • Hole Openers
  • Subs

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Coastal Oil and Water Well Bits & Services

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